DoCoMo launched the Android content settlement?

Tuesday, September 01 from NTT DoCoMo “sp” mode announced to provide service.

“Sp mode” in, “@” will feature a major address to use.
(Android is basically a terminal @ addresses are not accepted.)

but i will be able to use a big feature of the mail mode
Together “payment services” content to be started is that attention!

“Settlement services” Content
Content generation for Android handset purchases
And that the bill payment service with pay monthly mobile phone.

How far can handle is unknown,
Users to buy the apps until now
I had to register with Google Checkout,
By the introduction of this service
More people are expected to buy the apps.

Maybe now, you may also be provided monthly billing system.

If so, as the practice Apuribijinesu
♪ can spread and possibly many

Sp many exciting mode
We will report any time soon!

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