Compared with revenue AdMob AdMaker

One of the ways to monetize Android Apps
There are ad-supported model,
The ad serving system currently works
AdMaker and AdMob have.

What is more profitable advertising system which, I have a little comparison.

The following are summaries.

【AdMob 07/01~07/19】

  依頼数 表示数 クリック CTR 収益 単価
アプリA 2436 1515 136 9.0% $4.11 $0.03
アプリB 1892 687 19 2.8% $0.49 $0.03
アプリC 2502 744 48 6.5% $0.71 $0.01
合計 6830 2946 203 6.8% $5.31(451円) $0.03(2.2円)
10日計算 3415 1473 101 6.8% $2.65(225円) $0.03(2.2円)

【 AdMaker 07/20~07/31】

  PV クリック CTR 収益 単価
アプリA 271 12 4.4% 72円 6円
アプリB 403 16 4.0% 96円 6円
アプリC 638 18 2.8% 108円 6円
合計 1312 46 3.5% 276円 6円

Since there are differences in time and aggregate indicators,
A little less than might

AdMob is, CTR is high, the low bid.

The AdMaker, CTR is low, bid high.

A look at the whole, total revenue AdMob is also not so different AdMaker well.

Became such a result.

(AdMaker just a little more often.)

But only a little more profitable AdMaker,
Mechanisms are not well equipped to manage difficult
I would say.

Well, from both companies will continue to improve steadily
I hope from now on.

Aggregate data is also still less so
We will also report regularly.

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