Recommend publishing two books of Android application development

Recently, IT books from O’Reilly publishing technology known as system
Android Hacks – professional teaching techniques and tools
That, Android application development new book was published.

The moment I saw, intuitive
“You, this is!”
I feel, I bought immediately.

-104 AndroidSDK development recipe recipes learn the secret of each Android application development
I also bought the book.

These two books, I Sugoku.

Android is being put on other books is okay,
The Android is very large, so
It is written really focuses the theme
Or if you scoop out the contents of some.

Or introduction, especially because it aims to get accustomed
Android can do everything that is not written or 多Katsu.
(You will write all confused (^_^;))

These two books, while covering the whole
“Android can do anything with?”
“How does it do?”
Is clearly written.

The information was collected on the net so far
If you look at shows like this book together.

What Android Can I see the
Just looking at cutoff
“Yeah – make this application.”
You come in with ideas and applications,

Apuriaidea also do not know how to make utterance ever forget
“Oh, it Dekirujan be used!”
You want.

Sample code is also
It comes in easy to understand a lot.

The entry-level people who cleared the two books are recommended.

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