The first one seems like a AU

On April 10 AU from the IS03 was announced,
From January 5 to 10 Docomo was announced Galaxy S,
More from Softbank has announced a new Desire,
Android handset in Japan has suddenly seen the hustle and bustle.

By the way, the AU recently Do you know CM?

New Android Smartphone “IS03″ in the CM.

“People are waiting for the one who is excited.”

“If you go to the future, wait for Android.”

Message out,

[Android AU]

The ends with.

Hey, ♪ Cool

But this a very good – I think.

[Android (Android) the word]
CM is pushed to the front I think this is the first time?

The Xperia also the CM Docomo
“Android” I did not use the word.

an iPhone competitor, Android and the momentum has been increasing, although
Still “Android” I think people often do not even know the word.

Those who saw this CM
“To -, but I’m called Android phone looks good”
“AU is coming out first?”
Why would not you?

Until now, Android phone was out of the company.
Ahead of the AU, Docomo and Softbank has been selling the Android terminal.

AU was rather late to the full.

“I expected to catch on to smart phone”
He says even called.

However, you may feel upset this CM at once its too late.

Why did not pioneer planted opposite impression.

And then it seems pretty good device, IS03.

Anyway, to cut the new Android phone companies
Android Masu Masu Japanese market seems exciting!

Getting interesting ~ ♪

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