IS03 AU came out from!

On April 10 AU from the IS03 was announced.

IS01 from AU, following the events of a 2 Android phones.

Higher spec enough,
Because the design also looks good
Do not you sell it pretty?

The IS01 You were rather unpopular.

Bun it really looks good now (laughs)

I should mention the IS03
I now use the functionality of a traditional Garake.

The thing is,
Until now the mobile Android
@ can be Ketaimeru 使Enakatsu such as
You can always adhered to Osaifuketai features,
Users familiar with the convenience of the Garake
I was hard to transfer easily.

In that respect, this is IS03,
@ email address I can use,
And features with Osaifuketai,
Also see on TV and one-segment,
What you can do is be as traditional Garake person.

Android phone up to now is
Second Mobile (second), but as so often be had,
IS03 is a transfer model (first one) is likely to be able to use a.

(At least on the specs)

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