DoCoMo SP mode feedback

From January 9 NTT DoCoMo’s “SP” mode has been launched.

“SP” mode that is
@ smartphone to use the mail service domain.

I signed up immediately with a September 1, too.

SP mode is required to use application.

DoCoMo’s I called the support center, I got the procedure carefully.

Procedure ends in about 10 minutes,
5 minutes off the phone now use SP mode.

To use the e-mail @
The only application that is needed
I went to download the Android Market.

Then, if you are already amazing number of people downloading
Temashita with many more ratings and comments.

In, Why do not you try a

Covered with a pretty dismal (^_^;)

“Hard to use.”
A cavalcade of impressions.

Well, everyone seems to be complaining much.

I originally did not use the email I’d Android device,
I thought it fairly easy to use.

Accustomed to the convenience of all Garake
Speak high expectations, I feel I’ve disappointed you.

I hope for the future

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