Android is going to be world’s second largest market share

2014 [Android smartphone OS to be the world’s second largest 』

U.S. research firm IDC has released a forecast like this.

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Android, smartphone 2014 OS into second place in the world – IDC forecasts

The smartphone market is growing strong, likely increasing the power of Android among large – U.S. research firm IDC released a forecast like this.

According to IDC, and 2 million 696 000 000 000 smart phones shipped worldwide this year will rise 55.4 percent from the previous year. The company’s previous forecast of 10 percent or above. In contrast, total cell phone shipments, including smart phones is expected to increase 14.1 percent. 2011 smartphone is also a 24.5% record high growth rate that was 13.6 percent in 2014 and its growth rate decreases are expected.

“Smart phones this year, has been promoting the recovery factor of the global handset market,” IDC stated, it has been particularly focused Android. The OS vendor has the support for customizable, users can also from the increased ease of use and application, the OS that is fast to accept.

The company estimates that, Android is from 2010 through 2014, the share increased 24.6 percent from 16.3 percent, the second largest smartphone OS that won the crown. Symbian is to defend my position, market share drop to 40.1 percent from 32.9 percent expected. The BlackBerry does not change much market share, Android slipped to third from second place was overtaken, Apple’s market share was 14.7% iOS from a drop to 10.9 percent. Mobile Windows does not change what order, to 9.8 percent from 6.8 percent market share iOS is expected to close in the stretch.



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