Android 2.2 Froyo New Features Summary

Android 2.2 Froyo (Frozen Yogurt) has been announced for a while passed
I once nearly impossible with the new features.

- Dalvik VM equipped with a JIT compiler, two to five times faster
The V8 · JavaScript, and the two to three times faster
- Enhanced Enterprise Relationship
- Cloud and device integration API
- Supports Tethering
- The camera microphone – input the inclination compass information
Browser now receive
- Adobe Flash support
- Automatic Updates installed apps
- Send bug report – Crash
- Streaming content on a PC terminal
- Linux kernel 2.6.32

And JIT compiler
By Jet-in-Time Compiler
Java 2 code five times faster through it.

The recent ABC (Android Bazaar and Conference) tried to demo
I felt pretty fast indeed.

I personally am of the rest
It is Flash-enabled applications auto-update feature.

Although I’m installing a large number of applications
I would notice a lot of build up and update a little bit left on (^_^;)

Went to Android Market
One by one to update the troublesome ichi ichi

And left on me, even vicious circle builds up (=_=;) Update Notification

The bulk will be able to update it’s great.

However, Xperia is the day on which version 2.2 has come?

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