Android handset Samsung GALAXY S latest reviews

Yesterday, I participated in a regular meeting of the Association in August in Japan android.

2010-08-09 19.11.19.jpg

The opening session was scheduled to be released this fall from Docomo
GALAXY S [SAMSUNG’s presentation of the kit is,
10 units are available as real
Participants could actually touching.

How do you find the touch

Xperia thin and light I felt a little more.

I like the beauty of the screen is somehow Uri
When I play the video
There quite simply beautiful, smooth looked.

In terms of number of pixels, S GALAXY and Megapixels
I have less megapixels Xperia 800
It looked pretty nice.

I heard that SUPER AMOLED display technology that uses
What it thanks?


There seems to be designed to look like an iPhone.

Overall impression as a high spec.
Samsung just have to focus.

Android 2.1 is also equipped with a
It is going to be a popular model in the future.

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