How to regist App Inventor

Android apps a simple push on the web
Without requiring it to make programming
Tools like to put together a dream 』[App Inventor register.

※ App Inventor to apply, Google account is required.
If you do not have it please leave the URL below to create an account.

"Create Account" from the

App Inventor - how to register;

1. Access the URL below.
https: / / / fb / forms / appinventorinterest /

App Inventor 登録

2. Enter the required information, "Submit" button.

Email Address
: Google Email Accounts
Would you like to receive email updates about App Inventor for Android?
: App Inventor or receive email updates about?
What is your school or affiliation?
Affiliation: School and (the empty OK)
What is your position or title?
: Departments and titles (in the empty OK)
How do you plan to use App Inventor for Android?
: App Inventor of use (Other in OK)
What else would you like to share with the App Inventor for Android team?
: Demand for and development team (in the empty OK)

3. Wait for your invitation.


Inventor App is used to 欲Shiirashiku educators
There are questions of education,
That’s fine by educators who are not empty.

App Inventor invitation is normally sent in a few weeks.

Inventor App for Android and it is used to connect terminals
Must be real.

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