How to keep the animation at the end

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How to fade, how I learned to wait for the animation,
Temashita they need is displayed after the fade out again.

I go back I would apply the animation.

Found a way to keep after you apply this animation.

It is “setFillAfter” method.

This is after applying animation
Method seems to decide whether to return to the state before applying.

At the end of the animation, if you want the status quo is “true” set.
(The default is “false”)

alpha1.setFillAfter (true);

If this condition is 保Temashita fade.
(Alpha1 is an instance of the animation)

Similar to the method “setFillBefore” that is.

This “setFillAfter” seems to work like a reverse
setFillBefore (true)
When you return to the previous state after applying the animation.

This means that this fade-out animation so
setFillBefore (true) state that the image appears again after fading out,
setFillAfter (true) state that image disappeared after the fade-out remains.

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