How to fade images in Android

They consider the creation of Suraidoshoapuri,
I was making a trial application
The swish swish of the switch and slide show images seem like so much
Fade in / fade out to I considered what to do.

Do not let them change the transparency of the image
I wonder if I should cool feature of GrandCentral alpha
Temashita check everything.

For ImageView, setAlpha that
I have a method to set the alpha value,
Gradually fade it together with thread / fade out while I thought they
If you study something a bit more troublesome since.

Is not that the class you are available!

Can be automatically changed to use this transparency.


AlphaAnimation alpha = new AlphaAnimation (1, 0);

/ / Change time (ms)
alpha.setDuration (10000);

/ / One iteration
alpha.setInterpolator (new CycleInterpolator (1));

/ / Start animation
SlideView.startAnimation (alpha);

If me moving as planned.
(SlideView the ImageView instance.)

Besides, movement, rotation, scaling
Animation seems to be implemented in the class.

‘re Great, Android!

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