App Inventor is upgraded.

The application can be made without programming Android
App Inventor has been updated.

Do you use your App Inventor has become the latest thing
Check the bottom right of the browser version
“Build: Tue Sep 14 18:05:48 2010 (1284512748) – 17278198″
If it is, and I’m getting up to date.

If the latest is, if
Please update your browser and reload the latest version.

– Add a new ‘Scrollable’ property to Screens to control whether it is
– Improve the buggy behavior of Fill Parent
– Enable multiple FIll Parent components and have them share the
available space.
– Table arrangement on phone does not match arrangement in designer
– Tables don’t expand automatically
– Blank cells not respected in table layout.
– Italic text doesn’t work on the phone
– In Chrome, changing Alignment or FontTypeface doesn’t work
– Uploading an asset with the same name makes it incorrectly show a
duplicate entry in the Media section
– Codeblocks can’t load project if I type “$JSON” in the Screen’s title
– Can’t reload a project that has a \n in a label’s text property
– Certain combination of colons and spaces in label text cause unexpected
line wraps and previewer selection errors
– Uploading a badly formated project zip file causes a crash report on
the server and the client doesn’t get back a sensible error message
– My Projects from home page cause an exception
– Phone call dials only 10 digits
– Designer UI is too tall to height of some components to be changed

Rather than adding features, I like the main content of bug fixes.

Fast version of it in this way is I’m glad they have to UP.

Rapidly increasing capabilities, App Inventor I hope more people make the kind of application.

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