Android Documentation Japanese translation project

What Android developer documentation site, I’m English I course.

English wall, the Japanese Android has become one of the walls of application development would not be denied.

I wish I could [Japanese reference! 』
I thought many times and I do not know

Android seems to have started such a project to translate English documents into Japanese.

Android is the center of Japan Association has been promoting the project.

An amazing ♪

The project is likely that the client is looking for translators working with us.

Because it is a large amount of reference.

Japan’s Android also contribute to the spread
Only that way we please join us.

For more information about the project the following URL to Dozo.

Japanese Document Translation Project Android (ML)

Project Site

Incorporating the tools necessary to translate the rules and we must understand in order to participate in the translation project and how

Web Site Translation published results
(Published in the test)

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