What changes or changes in payment app?

March 31 8 KDDI, and
Series on January 9 NTT DoCoMo
Purchase price of the app for Android
Service began with pay monthly mobile phone bill.

How to buy ever Android app
Google Checkout is a service I had to register it
I’m such a hassle now no longer needed.

Feel free to buy this app I do not think Android mobile users increase?

Compared to the iPhone, Android app success story is quite small.
It will also expand opportunities for application developers in this process.

Softbank probably will expand to a similar mobile service.

However, not subject to any app that
It seems to be also be screened each carrier.

(Not the Android app market
Download the official website of each carrier. .)

As each carrier’s website had mobile web
[Is like an official application will become a trend like that.

When it became the
Consultation or to make application through the review
Screening service or
Thinking we can derive various services also expanded.

The timing of change, ☆ is in business


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