There’s a chance to Komikkuapuri?

Recently, Japan has participated in Android regular meeting of the Association in September.

1. First Year of E-book publishing
2. Oracle lawsuit
3. Android Application Award

The first section of the Association’s vice president of electronic publishing in Japan (about 50s?) Is
“Please keep in ○ ○ Just google it later.”
They say,
“[Google』 What surprised me was the general term ”
And I indulge in a little emotion (laughter)

For e-books,
iPad has been infiltrated and other tablet devices
Markets are expanding rapidly.

Even the Japanese publishing industry, and organizations that have teamed conglomerates
Has become suddenly busy.

Better KDDI, AU phone market (Garake) for
I’d told me a breakdown of the electronic book content,
Spend most of the big “comics” What is it.

Overwhelming 90% of the sales figures yet.

Speaking at last month’s regular meeting
Android Market in the “comics” category only
Japan said it was only a strong or whatever.
(Sorry for the faint (=_=;)) content

Hey around here is What a Japanese specialty.

Incidentally, the last few years, “a sexy e-comics” is
It seems quite good demand.

It also often seen banners or mobile site.

Mixi is also commonly found in mobile is that w

Android the iPhone from adult regulation is weak, unlike
If similar developments in the application
I can feel it pretty good (laughs)

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