the number of Requests and Display ads on AdMaker

Some ad serving applications
AdMob (Adomobu) from AdMaker (manufacturers add) for a while after switching to.

Recently, I wrote articles comparing revenue
May not quite understand it
I asked the person in charge.

The following ※, table watching previous article
I have read on and friendly.

For AdMob,
When ads ads may not necessarily ask for.

An application is started, for example 1000
Ask your ad is to be held 1000,
The ads are really against it or sights with lots of 60%.

CTR Down from there is not so
Click to rate apps start
低Katsu is pretty or not.

On the other hand if AdMaker.

In recent earnings reports send him
PV (page views) and clicks are described and
Number of requests that did not have ads.

This “PV” indicators that
AdMob something called the “view of clients” or a “Show” or a
Not knowing the person who asked,
“It’s both,” replied that there was.

In other words, “PV” “The Request of view” and “Show the world.”

AdMaker case, a request for the rate of 100 percent ad What s.

But then new questions.

“The number of requests, a few?”

Compared with AdMob, the order of magnitude or much different.

How this is? ? ?

At first I thought I’d try grilled personnel (^_^;)

If you think carefully, and I’d probably have different causes.

* Total time is different (AdMaker is more then), so
Fewer AdMaker embedded application is activated.
(Download time has passed from the first time)

· AdMaker after incorporating
Of you to not download the app updated version.

· Android minutes posted on download sites other than agricultural market
I forgot to include AdMaker ww

AdMaker’s biggest challenge now is
It is slow to respond.

URL of issuing advertisements slower, and slower response personnel,
Reported aggregate late.

Well, I’ll be busy at the launch of the devil,
Helpful and can handle a little more quickly.

Mr. admin can be AdMaker
URL Ads Now that you can also publish their own immediate,
Available from your ad will be published simultaneously with application
Maybe you’ll see a different situation and do it.

Hope that that day comes soon.

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