Opportunities for Android apps

Recently, I found this news.


Possibility of success ● Android apps

Small companies and individuals that were successful iPhone app success story but a few, Android apps likelihood of success is also likely. Ra Aaron’s developer apps, Android task manager for the popular “Advanced Task Manager” is expected to earn over 100,000 dollars a year. Cent of the paid version of this app in 99 AdMob ad-free version, now earns about 10,000 dollars a month in sales and advertising applications. Total revenue from applications published in February 2009 is 80,000 dollars. Errors in the daytime he works as an IBM employee.

Market Android apps are providing about 70,000 species, some kind of application is 20 Apple’s App Store million are inferior to large-scale, Android’s momentum is growing, during April to June U.S. smartphone market to overtake the iPhone. Ra said, the sales of 80 million dollars, iPhone app asked “overnight millionaires” but still a success story, and that high earnings, “Android is a promising source of income,” it said .

It’s Possible To Make $ 100,000 A Year Selling Android Apps (Silicon Alley Insider)
URL: http://www.atmarkit.co.jp/misc/ct.php?id=ns082601


Crab now, the Japanese smartphone market
Android market share from the iPhone will be better.

IPhone apps of the current situation is much better.

But that does not mean that the Android apps will not be profitable.

I also came out of the successes mentioned above, such as news
Given that future Android could feel like this better.

Japan also Sumatofonshea
Android coming next year, I guess, do not be reversed?

I’ll make money when you thought Android Apps
“Let’s sell the apps,” or
“Let’s advertise free app” and that they only focus on
I feel like a little shame.

Assume that the application can be made that will,
Just a little more thought

- Acting in their applications
- Create application seminar
Consulting companies to create applications
Porting agency · iPhone Apps

Etc., can make various business.

New and rapidly growing market because
I think I’m lying strewn business.

Dear Java programmers
Towards entrepreneurship and motivated do you like it?


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