How to make money on Android Apps

Android developers are more engrossed in the development of applications
I think Android little business to make money.

1. Premium apps

Even without saying that the, to create an app
How to sell to pay Android Market.

Will not need explanation.

2. Advertising free apps

Distribute the application free way to advertise.

AdSense ads are represented by the PPC.

Android app, but now can not use AdSense,
AdMaker, AdMob and others.

I think the point to make frequently used applications.

3. Acting Production

Android app, but to develop a technology
Apuriaidea people have not the
I hope that the service will work.

I have ideas,
Why the people who are not programming.

4. Consulting Services

I felt the possibility of Android apps
What if I could cook,
How do I go to sell,
There are many companies do not know.

For such companies,
Android apps working as specialist
The consultant will be doing these days?

As well as application development
Marketing and promotion methods
Ideally be able to propose a business model.

5. Sell directly to specific community

Looking for software that requires communities,
You may also create and sell applications directly to their needs.

We can get feedback to improve the application.

You should be guaranteed free updates per month pricing model.

6. Trial Application

If there is already selling PC software, such as version,
You may also make a limited free trial application functionality.

The PC application software Experience reminds version
Flow that will bring us to make purchases.

Below is a quick,
How to make Android apps are still likely.

Because it is filled with potential fields.

I’ll write again if the opportunity arises.

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