Development of AR applications have so interesting!

AR on Android that I’m developing applications for research
This must be so interesting!

AR and Augmented Reality (AR) in the sense of
VR (Virtual Reality: Virtual Reality) is
CG is to feel the reality of the virtual ones, such as
AR by incorporating in the virtual reality
Fun is more convenient reality.

From you … I’m not sure what to say (^_^;),
Please try this video.

Is not it funny?

AR application is used, iPhone Android but I’m still out some
AR will be more and more to build up an application.

Using AR, it is convenient to make different apps.

For example, there are going to set up tourist QR code
It Android apps are downloaded and read by the terminal.

While snooping around the tourist and to start the app screen
Attractions and seasonal events, see the information store or delicious, or whatever ….

If you want to be great apps as tourist information magazine.

iPad or a tablet-emerge in the future be used to Android handsets
I can do more things.

Network, which stimulate the creative spirit! !

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