Affiliate Android Apps

How to make Android app, just think
1. Ad-supported model for free apps
2. Premium apps model
It becomes.

Of course, in applications such as billing,
Given the many mechanisms that could be made There are also other,
As easily tackle those individuals
I think I’ll wish I had a app affiliate.

Android apps are now just do not have an affiliate system to (>_<)

If Apuriafiri mechanism,
Although I can look different.

Simply, you can either use your own review of the application,
Summary of application site (site introduction) can either make or something.

In that case, of course, the big sites and do so properly would I say,
You should have a website that focuses on niche genres.

A major in ASP via iPhone
It seems that the mechanism Apuriafiri,
What Android did not start the application shortly.

Afiri ASP’s, I expect!

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