AdMaker power management screen!

AdMaker’s got an email from a representative
“Is not it?”
Why do I open it,
Contact with the power management screen.

Why do not immediately open
Renewal and an administration that!

“Reviewing revenue estimates”
“Add all apps”
“Setting the house ads”
I would be able to.

[Summary] screen

AdMaker 収益

You can see information about the entire ad.

The estimated ad revenue this month
Different media (by application) revenues estimated,
And the average CPC for each network.

[Report] screen

AdMaker 収入

Monthly by the media (by application) of
Impressions, clicks, CTR, average CPC, eCPM, earnings estimates can be confirmed.

- Delivery settings;

AdMaker クリック単価

The URL for the ad management and new issues.

You can also set their own advertising.

Oh, I’m going up to about two times earnings last month, too! ! Σ (¯ □ ¯;)! !

I also raised CPC!

It seems that not a fixed amount.

Masu Osamu confirm in the next month is 10 working days
Report (EXCEL and PDF) that will report on it.

Tadashi Akira, AdMaker is compared with AdMob

Ads – 100% rate, so there is no opportunity loss
• High cost

Since there is not just a charm,

Revenue can not be verified – admin
Input – so slow to issue new ad

To be honest it was a complaint.

But this redesign,
I can now see the screen in revenue management
Much better now easy to use.

Can be issued from the new ad management screen
Review of people seem to get that anyway.

I started a little early?

Systems also come equipped with more and more ads
I have been able to make the Android platform but app.

AdSense is the public beta version is still not able to participate
AdMaker rate is low and cost per display
Personally, I recommend at the moment AdMaker.

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