Programmers, SE has been paid more good.

The other day, “programmer advice of entrepreneurship”, wrote an article that
The underlying
“Programmers and SE, or I might have paid more?”
I have it.

Regularly and doing programming or
It is obvious that something like
I think sometimes they feel it is not a big deal,
I do not I do that?

“It’s a great special skills.”

And the unexpected can recall at the moment.

Because of today’s IT community is supporting the 化Shita
I’m from people who have those special skills.
(Of course, there are many who have supported us in other ways.)

But somehow, these people are
In society is low 買Itataka.

But I feel that they are just lonely.

I like the company, but I think that if you work for a company
Instead, be patient if you are dissatisfied with
ー shame and I think that so.

Even former Livedoor Horiemon
Mr. Kasahara Mixi
Mr. Yannerunohiroyuki 2 Audio
GREE can also OKWAVE also Kakakukomu
Site originally created by engineers who say that. (Reference)

Have a significant impact in the world is now such a site.

Programmers and the people of the SE
I think it has the power to do.

Then you just put the skills that business.
I wish I had money, creativity, planning and technology change.

If you want a creative project,
↓ please consult this people experience.

Nomoto Megumi’s creative vocation 貴

You also have not noticed, I will pull out your potential.

Contact us on Skype for free
“Orienteering calling” I’m paving
Please take advantage.

(“I’m from Andoroidonabi” Speaking of, we’ll take in-depth consultation w)

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