Entrepreneurial advice of a programmer

Android now I have to tackle the Apuribijinesu
From which the Java programming.

※ Android apps to create, Java programming is required.

Then for this
I say start from scratch and learn Java, not.

If I was lucky
College of information science
Because the Department had to learn specialized computer
I had a chance to learn Java
Knowledge is now the nation makes.

Android Apps For, when I look out of interest,
I was just nation makes the Java knowledge
All trimmed and free development environment,
It’s making fun apps
[Naijan why not do! 』
How did the feeling that I started.

I think that,
I think I’m a programmer s entrepreneurial orientation, age now.

If you create Java apps on Android 書Kere,
If C is 書Kere to tackle the iPhone app
If we can make social apps PHP.

I just hope Dekinakya learn programming
If you have already done, but that takes an immediate move.

Overwhelming advantage.

I do not think it 活Kasanai hand.

Kano Horiemon that Mr. Takafumi Horie
[To recommend if you want to learn entrepreneurial skills first 』
They said. (Reference site)

Programmers who are already at this stage I clear.

Then the technology, just change the skill to earn your business.

You could make selling app
Alternatively you can get paid for acting work,
You could become a consultant
Other business models make plenty of profit potential.

I do not know how to leverage such technologies,
Business people who do not know if I want to do is
Recommend you to consult in this way.

Nomoto Megumi’s creative vocation 貴


Contact us on Skype for free
“Orienteering vocation” I paving.

I opened up one’s life, thanks to Skype contact Nomoto, too.

“I’m from Andoroidonabi”
And if you write, you will surely have service.
(Probably (^_^;))


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